Life doesn't get easier, we just get stronger, let life challenges bring out the Resilience in you! Unleash Da Beast!

Rashad Harbor


Why I train? They say in order to be successful you must be passionate about what you do well I like fitness and love helping people. I have personally watch countless people 1st transform how they think then transform how they feel and look at themselves, I’ve witnessed people’s health energy and overall confidence change because of this! The truth is most people want to change and live a healthier lifestyle but are overwhelmed by the degree of change they face! I use my gifts to help influence people to become resilient in the face of any adversity in life keeping them motivated and focused on making consistent small but necessary habits that will lead them to the desired change Step by step. The reason I love what I do is because it inspires change!

Philosophy/experience: I learned how to achieve change by focusing on consistency and turning daily habits into a lifestyle.

​My name Is Rashad Harbor I am a Professional Rugby Player and Personal Trainer! I been a certified personal trainer for 6  years and it lead me to achieve my goal of becoming a Pro Athlete! I achieved my goal and now I'm sharing the knowledge with those who are also striving to reach a personal goals, but need help along the way. My hobbies are Rugby, Track, Basketball, History, Hollistic Nutrition