Ready to Unleash Da Beast 

 Darc Womens Rugby Team has accepted a 6 week Unleash Da Beast Performance Enhancement Challenge. The  Ladies are competing in their 1st Season as a official Team, with almost half the team competing in their first Rugby season ever! The Team has completed the first half of their season with a record of (19-0) with a 9 week break before the second half of the season resumes. The goal of the Challenge will be

  1. Build Team Bond/Chemistry 
  2. Enhance individual Performances
  3. Teach Team to Unleash Da Beast (Win all games in the second half of the season)

To reach these Goals the team will undergo a 6 week camp that will test them not only physically but mentally as will! The camp will Start off with a combine held on January 7, 2017. Following the combine the team will run threw 6 weeks of training broken down into 2 week sections,

  1.  1st two weeks will focus on ​stability, endurance and basic skills (basic pass, Tackle form, Rugby IQ), decision making communication on defense 
  2. Section 2 will focus acceleration, Agility, sprint form Skills: Support running/offload, Passing at pace, defensive: positioning, player tracking (angles for tackling)
  3. Section 3 will focus on Explosive movements, power running, max speed Skills: Creating opportunity (space), line running (positioning before ball is in hand) passing at pace precision passing, Defensive line speed, Power tackling, communication on defense. ​

The camp will end with the completion of a final combine to test where each athlete stands compared to the start of the training!

A log will be kept to keep up with each player attendance, weight, measurements, before and after pictures and bi weekly Test results leading to the finial Combine

​Good luck Lady Beast!!

Darc Dames Womens Rugby Team Accepts the Challenge