• Gym Membership 
  • 3 Sessions a week
  • Video home workouts/ stretches 
  • 1 live video session a week
  • free makeup/reschedule session 
  • Weekly Progress Chart
  • Digital Fitness watch
  • Unleash Da Beast training Gear
  • 2 Workout Sessions a week 
  • Video home Workouts/Stretches 
  • Alkaline Diet Plan
  • Weekly Progression Chart

​We all do whether we realize it or not. We often place mental limitations on ourselves by using words like I can’t, I don’t or I won’t be able to without first actually trying! My coaching aims to expose those limitations for what they really are. Limitations are a mental thing and most can be overcome, and if a limitation can be overcame by hard work and dedication it isn’t a limit at all. As the training proceeds you will begin to look at those so called limitations for what they are, levels not yet reached but definitely obtainable in time. Throughout the program you will see time and time again what it takes to push the barrier of limitation back further and further.  We are all gifted beyond measure but sometimes fail to realize it, we actually limit our own capabilities by doubting ourselves or settling for less, when we do this we limit ourselves instead of empowering ourselves.  

  • ​​​​​2 sessions a week
  • 1 make up session a week
  • Video workouts/ stretches
  • Scheduled weekly progress/fitness test
  • Alkaline Diet plan
  • Weekly alkaline Recipes
  • Digital fitness watch​

​We are all divinely blessed with gifts that make us unique and it is up to us to look within to First discover it and then harness it! What does it mean when I say Unleash Da Beast? Well I am referring to the Greatness within you! I don’t know if anyone told you but you have greatness within you! 

Performance Enhancement Training

Are You an Athlete

 Rugby     Football     ​Track     Soccer    Basketball 

  • High School Athletes 
  • College Athletes 
  • ​Professional Athletes 

Combine Training ​​
The goal of this program is to evaluate, prepare and Enhance the Athletic Performance before entering The College level sports atmosphere, the NFL Draft or a up coming Combine! The leap from high school sports to College is huge and should never be taken lightly if becoming a Stand out, Heisman trophy winner and future NFL, NBA, or becoming a Olympic Athlete is the ultimate goal!
 First the Athlete gets a chance to actually go through a pre combine, to measuring where they are now compared to current Professional Athletes in their sport. After the combine results a reviewed a customized program is designed to target all areas that need improvement 

 So when I say unleash da beast I mean release all of your hidden potential that lays deep within you untapped ready to be utilized! The real question is are you really ready to Unleash Da Beast?