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​​Rugby is one of my biggest passions, it has the intensity of a high scoring basketball game, physicality of football, the nonstop action of soccer! The physical fitness required is higher than in any other sport! Rugby is a worldwide game with over 120 countries involved. Similar to football the goal is to Score more points than your opponent. Using a point system of 5 points for entering the end zone and touching the ball to ground which is referred to as a tri a field goal attempt follows each tri the field goal is worth 2 points, 3 points for drop goal (field goal without tri). The most interesting thing about the game to me is that each player must be able to play offense and defense! This is only a brief intro to rugby but it is far more to the game then I have patience to write check out the videos and tell me what you think 

Da lions Den is dedicated to my personal passions Rugby, Achieving Goals and  Ancient Wisdom ....


When a Goal is challenging it shows us more and more about who we truly are! The Greatest lesson I ever learned stemmed from a motivational speech the Quote was "Who we become while hunting a goal is more rewarding then achieving the goal itself!  ~Les Brown From experience I know this to be true! 

What I've learned is, To obtain a goal you must be willing to do not what is convenient but what is necessary not every now and then but daily! This is why some are able to fail and give up they choose to do what is convenient but expect the same results as they would get by doing what is necessary! Some don’t understand the dedication required to become successful, it takes 100% dedication and the only way to dedicate 100% is to find love in what you are doing.

How much time are you willing to dedicate to achieving your goal, what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal, What daily habits are you willing to add to your life to achieve your goal, These are Questions you have to ask yourself and all these Questions should be answered with one answer! Whatever is Necessary