Nutrition is 80% of any training program so without it you wont reach a healthier lifestyle. One of the biggest reasons people end up with unhealthy eating habits is because of a lack of knowledge on what to eat, how often, and how to cook it! This is why our wellness program aims to bring awareness to what is healthy, how to cook it and how often! Our program is design to implement healthier daily eating habits done consistently.
 To do this we encourage each client to set a nutritional goal to eat a certain amount of alkaline items a week. Using the provided Alkaline food chart employees aim to selecting 1-7 item a day. Self paced and easy to follow instructions allow clients to get closer and closer to a healthier lifestyle week by week.
Pictures of the alkaline items consumed each week are taken and compile into the weekly Food Diary 

  • More then 75% of health care cost are spent on preventable diseases!
  • It facilities a positive change in the behavior of employees
  • Increases efficiency
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Increased loyalty
  • Improved productivity
  • Fewer injuries
  • Lower health care cost
  • Boost employee morale
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Recent studies show that over $3 is saved for ever $1 spent that's a good return on investment

Another key ingredient in reaching any goal is positive motivation! Our program comes with constant feed back letting the employee know they are on the right path and what they should aim to do more to continue gaining progress.
uCoach's will be available for motivational lectures, and private evaluations, and questions can be email and answered rapidly 

Why implement a wellness program 

​Benefits of a work place wellness program

​Alkaline remedy 

Motivational Coach

​Corporate Wellness Program

Unleash the beast Corporate wellness programs aim to increase productivity and produce a healthier work environment 

  • Wellness programs Bring awareness of current conditions allowing responsible actions to be taken to generate a more health conscious lifestyle!
  • Wellness programs reduces stress allowing for more productive day
  • Wellness programs would help clients get off some possibly medication
  • A healthier lifestyle leads to more energy and improves mental health